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Heaven in the Ghats

Amazing Amboli is a collective effort by wildlife lovers and locals to promote Eco-Tourism in the village and surrounding areas. It was founded in 2013. The video here is a teaser of our effort to create a wider dialogue about Amboli through Media. 

Amboli lies close to the town of Sawantwadi in the Sindhdurg district. Long ago, Amboli served as a check post for the British, moving their garrisons from the Vengurla port to the city of Belgaum and other towns. Now it is a small village nestled among mountains,waterfalls and clouds. We call it our "Heaven on Earth" 

The Western Ghats is home to spectacular endemic species of flora and fauna. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is one of the eight "hot-spots" of biological diversity in the world. Amboli lies right in the heart of it. A true herpetologist’s delight, not only can you find a vast array of snake species but also reptiles like the common chameleons, geckos and larger lizards many of which are again found only in the Ghats. Frog lovers too are in for a treat! And talking about frogs; one cannot ignore the Malabar Flying Frog – endemic to the western Ghats and a popular guy just for its looks, this green coloured and delicate frog can jump and leap higher than most frogs and has hence acquired the flying frog status, not withholding that it looks utterly adorable! Amboli also has it's very own toad - Amboli Toad (Xanthophryne tigerina) 

The never-ending rains, the omnipresent fog, the dampness in everything around you is a feature one soon starts to get used to in Amboli. It is not really a tourists dream but a traveller and trekker’s paradise. Its beauty as many will concur lies in the rough terrain and extreme climate Amboli has to offer, not to forget the splendid views kavlesad point shows of the entire Amboli Ghat in all its glory – waterfalls, pockets of clouds and deep green valleys! 

Standing in the middle of the road, the rain beating down your poncho, a ray of light from your torch illuminating the path ahead, and hitting a thick veil of fog, the sounds of the jungle and excitement to start your journey only a few words come close to describing Amboli, the one that I choose at all times is ‘Amazing’…. Amazing Amboli.

July 20th-22nd Camp

Explore the majestic Western Ghats teeming with wildlife, spectaular views, Night trails,
delicious food and even a day at the beach!


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