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What happens in our Camps?

We make sure our camp participants experience the ghats in all its raw and pristine glory!      Our camps are not about Luxury services but an adventours trip to cherish for a lifetime.

Amazing Amboli - Shiroda Beach

Day at the Beach

Sun, Sand and Sea!

We head straight to the beach on day one! Shiroda is a quite and clean beach, with very few people, beautiful sandy seashores. We also get a chance to see Dolphins! 


Waterfalls and Valleys

Once in Amboli, we visit the ancient Hiranyakeshi Temple, Mahadeogad, Kavlesad Point, Waterfalls around Amboli and more. We meet and interact with the locals as well. 

Night Trails

The Best part of the trip!

Walking with flashflights in the jungle spotting reptiles and frogs. The fog and rain accomapny you in this Magical Experience. We have two Night Trails to look forward too!

Biodiversity Workshop

Learn and Share!

A small workshop to share the immense biodiveristy that Amboli holds in its lap. We talk about snakes, reptiles, new found species and see some great photos! 

Amboli Morning Trail

Trek and Trails

For the Hiker in you!

We take part in a small hike in the jungles, walking through paths and over streams. We make our way to Parikshit Point and stop by a Garden to see medicinal plants and spot some butterflies! 

July 20th-22nd Camp

Explore the majestic Western Ghats teeming with wildlife, spectaular views, Night trails,
delicious food and even a day at the beach!


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